Conditions of use of Vepa visual material

Would you like to use visual material from Vepa? Please continue to read the terms and conditions.

All images and files in this image database are protected by copyright and are the property of Vepa. The copyright of the downloaded visual material remains with Vepa at all times.

Vepa allows the use of the visual material, provided the following conditions are met:

  • When using 2D and 3D files, ambiance images or product images, it must be made clear that these are images/products of Vepa.
  • When using ambiance images, the suggestion must not be made that a project has been completed by the user, unless the user has actually completed the project in cooperation with Vepa.

If the aforementioned visual material is used wrongfully or unlawfully, the licensee may decide to:

  1. demand that the visual material be removed from the website or from the document;
  2. request compensation for the use of the visual material;
  3. claim damages for copyright infringement.

Do you have doubts about the use or other questions? Then please contact Vepa:

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